Tax Jokes

Most people find the Tax Code to be overly confusing. Even Albert Einstein said (sarcastically) that he found income tax confusing. Because of this, professionals namely CPAs and lawyers are assured that business would go on as usual since there would always be those lost and confused souls willing to avail of their services. (And that’s a good thing for us CPAs)

Due to the complexity of the tax code, a lot of taxpayers present erroneous and most of the time, laughable tax returns.

Countless taxpayers try a lot of absurd stuff just to lower their taxes. At this day and age, who wouldn’t want to lower their taxes?

While some are very ingenious and cunning when it comes to finding tax deductions.

And if they manage to thoroughly explain their side to the tax man, they just might pay lower taxes.

Tax Jokes

Tax Jokes

It is a given that tax return preparation is a burden. However, taxpayers need not bear this alone. There are two ways to lessen and possibly erase the burden of tax return perpetration. Taxpayers could either hire a CPA or a lawyer…

Or use a tax preparation software.

Oh, by the way, the legislative body is also trying to help taxpayers by simplifying the tax code once in a while.

Bravo! Good job govt guys.

By the way, if you’re thinking that dying would be a way to escape taxes, think again.

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