Principles of a Sound Tax System

Taxation is a process that very important in each and every country. Without taxes, a country would not be able to carry out its day to day operations. To further expedite a country’s progress, proper administration and management of the…..

Philippine Standards on Auditing (PSA)

Philippine Standards on Auditing Glossary of Terms (December 2002) IAASB – Interim Terms of Reference (August 2004) Philippine Framework for Assurance Engagements Preface to International Standards and Philippine Standards PSA 120 – Framework of Philippine Standards on Auditing PSA 200 (Revised…..

Philippine Auditing Practice Statements (PAPSs)

PHILIPPINE AUDIT PRACTICE STATEMENTS (PAPS) PAPS 1000 – Inter-Bank Confirmation Procedures PAPS 1002Ph (Revised) – The Auditor’s Report on General Purpose Financial Statements Prepared in Accordance with a Philippine Financial Reporting Framework Other than PFRS (March 12, 2010) PAPS 1003Ph…..

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Performance of Schools in the October 2017 CPA Board Exam

Wanna know how each school performed in the CPA board exam? The number of examiness? Number of passers? Number of conditional examiness? Number of those who failed? You’ll find all of those here. Performance of Schools in the October 2017…..

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