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How To Get Accepted in Postloop

Wanna get accepted in Postloop? Postloop is a great and easy way to make money online. All you have to do is to post comments in different forums and you make money outright. But they do have a strict screening…..

Various definitions of accounting

What are the Various Definitions of Accounting

One Word, Different MeaningsCheck out the different definitions of accounting.Basic Definition “It is a systematic process of recording, classifying and summarizing business transactions and interpreting the results thereof to interested users.” AICPA Definition “Accounting is the art of recording, classifying,…..

Journal Entries Quiz

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Accounting Cycle Quiz

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Accounting Principles Quiz

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Basic Financial Statements Multiple Chioce Quiz

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Will You Become a CPA?

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users of accounting information

Users of Accounting Information and What They Need

Get to know the different Users of Accounting Information This may seem unreal, but everywhere we go, people are using accounting information. From the simplest business transactions to the most complex corporate dealings, accounting info is used. At work, school,…..

Accounting Definitions Multiple Choice Quiz

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Forms of Business and Users of Accounting Information Quiz

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