BIR Compliance Tips: Dates to Remember

Compliance with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) can be quite stressful at first. Businesses are required to comply, and failure to do so can result in a penalty. The BIR has set specific dates for all annual, quarterly, and monthly requirements from all businesses operating in the Philippines. 

In order to help you comply with the requirements of the BIR we list down the important dates that businesses in the Philippines have to mark on their calendar to ascertain BIR compliance.


This month is a busy month for business because of the following deadlines set by the BIR:

  • January 15 – Submission of books of accounts (loose leaf) of the business.
  • January 25 – Adjustment of tax deficiencies and payout of refund. This should be done 5 days earlier than the submission of the Form 1604-CF. Refund has to be issued on or before the said date.
  • January 30 – Submission of the books of accounts of the business (computerized copy)
  • January 31 – BIR Form 1604-CF and Alpha list of employees. This should be submitted to BIR using the proper mode and format given by the Bureau. In addition, the annual registration fee should also be paid to BIR.

Income Tax Return

  • May 15 – As amended by the TRAIN Law, filing of the annual income tax return for the previous year would now be May 15. This  applies both to self-employed individuals and corporations. The previous deadline was April 15.

Regular dates to remember

  • 10th of the month – this is the date of filing of monthly withholding tax
  • 60 days after end of each quarter – the date of filing quarterly income tax

Aside from these mentioned big dates, there are other BIR deadlines that entrepreneurs have to keep in mind to ensure that they won’t miss an important date and possibly get in trouble with the BIR. These dates vary from one entity to another since a tax for one entity may not be applicable to another entity.